Why Dry Skin Happens And What You Can Do About It

In most cases, dry skin isn’t serious. It can happen to anyone at any time, though certain factors will surely make your skin more prone to it. For most people, dry skin is usually a temporary situation. If you have it, skin may feel tight, have fine lines or cracking, appear gray or ashy, or look and feel rough.

You can generally help soothe your dry skin woes yourself, though if your dry skin comes with redness, itches to the point you can’t sleep, includes open sores, or reveals large patches of scaling skin, it’s time to see a doctor.

If you don’t have a medical condition that is to blame for your dry skin, it could be brought on by external factors. The most common of them are:


Winter is the pits for dry skin, though those who live in hot, dry climates will have battles with dry skin too.


For those that live in chilly climates, the things you use to heat your air suck all the humidity out of the air, drying out your skin.

Hot Water

A hot bath or shower feels good, but if you turn that dial too high, you’ll be drying out your skin.

Frequent Swimming

People that live in warm climates often have dry skin too, largely because they hop in the pool to cool down or get exercise. Chlorine in the pool water can leave your skin feeling parched afterward.

Harsh Cleansing Agents

Most bar soap formulations strip skin of essential oils and moisture. These should always be avoided.

Dry skin can happen at any age, though you’re more likely to have problems with it as you move through your forties and onward. You don’t have to suffer with dry skin though. Here’s how to handle it.

Always Moisturize

Immediately after bathing, use a quality moisturizer as soon as you towel off. It will lock in hydration. Keep some by the sink so you can moisturize your hands after washing them and take some along with you wherever you go. Formulas with glycerin are best.

Use Cooler Water

No need to take an ice shower, but do keep from turning the water too hot, including when washing your hands.

Use Rubber Gloves

Never clean anything without wearing them! They’ll keep your hands protected from cleaning agents and prevent them from drying out.

Use A Humidifier

In winter, go to sleep with a humidifier on. It will restore moisture to the air which will prevent your skin from feeling dry.

If you take proper care of your skin by replenishing hydration that has been lost, dry skin will disappear. It might take a few extra steps on your part, but the rewards are soft, supple, comfortable skin you’ll be proud to show off.

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