We purposely emphasize the purity of our ingredients and the overall simplicity of our formulas because we know nature creates the best products. All of our formulas are designed with ingredients found in nature, preserved in their purest form. Our products are designed to support the body's natural function and promote healing. By avoiding the use of foreign ingredients like synthetics and chemicals that the body sees as harmful invaders, All Earth & Elm products work harmoniously and synchronously with the body. 

Plant-to-Bottle Process

Every ingredient we use spends as little time as possible sitting before being prepared. The ingredients we use don't spend months traveling the globe in preservatives before we receive them. Our farmers take them straight from the plant, cold-press them immediately, and we begin formulating. Minimizing the length and complexity of the sourcing process allows us to avoid the use of harmful preservatives and maintain the integrity and potency of the ingredients.

Small Batches

All Earth & Elm Products are handcrafted in small batches by real humans in Lewisville, TX. By producing in small lots, we are able to minimize waste, reduce shelf life (retaining potency), and maintain the purity of the process and ingredients. We believe small batches are crucial to making our products effective and free of harmful preservatives.


Our unique formulation method embraces how electrical currents work within our bodies. We apply that research to support natural, internal harmony; selecting ingredients based on what the body needs. The results are a more balanced and holistic approach that elevates the body's natural healing mechanisms. Our formulations are unique, powerful, and effective.

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