Earth and Elm

Earth & Elm - Nourishing Body Oil

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Nourish and soften your skin with this refreshing blend of 100% organic botanical and essential oils. Made from a base of uniquely and diligently sourced Organic Sweet Orange Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, this product is filled with vitamins and nutrients at its core. The use of blended Organic Citrus Peel Oils and other essential oils helps activate the skin's innate healing mechanism. This remarkably moisturizing oil sinks gracefully into the skin, providing the ideal equilibrium of healing and support for soft, glowing, silky skin.

Why people love it:

  • Glowing & Radiant. The citrus peel oils in our products are known to contain copious amounts of Vitamin C. Combined with the acidic quality of the oils; the result is a brighter, glowing complexion.
  • Silky & Supple. Organic Sweet Almond Oil is loaded with vitamin E, vitamin A, monosaturated fatty acids, protein, potassium, and zinc. It helps keep your skin nourished and soft as ever as it shields your skin from environmental invaders!
  • Toxic-Free. We believe in providing the cleanest products possible. Everything we use is found in nature. We don't use isolates or excessively processed compounds.
  • 100% Organic. Many of our clients know that just because it says organic doesn't mean it is 100%, but our body oil is.
  • 100% Botanical & Essential Oils. NO FILLERS! Unlike many other products available today that use cheap fillers for the majority of their products.
  • Potent & Pure. Our oils are not diluted or mixed with anything. This product is over 50% essential oils; everything else is pure organic botanical oils.
  • Nutri-Mapping Technology. We use a proprietary formulation method to conceive our products. Nutri-Mapping identifies, for example, what the skin on the face needs and generate tens of millions of permutations to find the best one. 

Apply oil lightly and gently over the body. For best results, use on damp skin or right after showering. Use as often as needed. use more on rough or hard tissue areas. 


Sweet Orange Oil●▲, Sweet Virgin Almond Oil●▲, Lemon Oil●▲, Lime Peel Oil●▲, Extra Virgin Avocado Oil●▲, Tea Tree Oil●, Lavender Oil●, Ylang Ylang Oil●, Frankincense Oil●

●organic ▲cold-pressed

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