Micellar Water For Your Best Skincare Routine

Micellar water has been making quite the buzz in skincare lately, though it’s been a staple of skincare in France for ages. Now that it’s more mainstream, you may have seen it on shelves at your local beauty store or online and wondered what micellar water can do for your skin.

Simply put, it’s a facial cleanser made with these tiny cleansing molecules called micelles which are suspended in water. They can wash away all dirt, makeup, and impurities with just a few swipes on a cotton pad. It may just look like a bottle of water, but in that bottle, it provides many incredible benefits.  

There are many types of it too, formulated for your skin type so you get the best cleansing experience from it. Here are the benefits of using micellar water for your skin!

Removes Makeup With Magnetic Precision

The micelles work like magnets with your skin. They grab up dirt, makeup, and excess oil and lift it away. There’s no rubbing or scrubbing. It leaves skin feeling clean, refreshed, and hydrated. None of that dried-out feeling!

Great For All Skin

You’ll find some specific formulations for certain skin types, but in general, micellar water is gentle. It has a refreshing quality that comforts any skin.

It Won’t Strip Skin

Keeping skin in balance is essential for its good health. Some cleansers can destroy your skin’s natural moisture barrier, particularly the ones with alcohol in them. Micellar water provides effective cleansing and then leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.

It Leaves Skin Feeling Impeccably Clean

Because micellar water uses that magnetic quality to draw the gunk out of your skin like excess sebum and impurities, skin just feels clean after using it. There’s no need for washing. All you do is apply it with a cotton pad and voila! Beautiful skin! It leaves a nice matte finish too.

Use It For Corrections

Every woman has that moment when she’s trying to get her makeup just right and she messes up with liquid liner or mascara. A little micellar water on a cotton swab erases any mistakes you make without destroying the rest of your makeup look.

It’s Awesome For Travel

Because it can replace your cleanser and your makeup remover, micellar water is great to travel with. You can put it in travel bottles approved by the TSA and enjoy your trip stress-free, and with more beautiful skin. Those long plane rides can leave your skin feeling dry and parched. With micellar water in your carry-on, you can freshen up at your seat!

Put it in your gym bag too! You’ll have a refreshed clean you’ll love without needing any water to do it. Steal this French beauty secret for yourself today!

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