7 Unexpected Ways to Use Nourishing Face Oil

Face oil has swiftly become a trend that is here to stay. Used by top makeup artists for years, face oil provides instant results as it penetrates deep into the skin for a sudden hydrating glow. Unlike heavy creams, our Earth & Elm Face Oil is lightweight and nourishes the skin with natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential oils. The natural ingredients make this product multifunctional as it moisturizes and cleanses the pores of dirt, bacteria, and impurities for silky, radiant skin. The best part is, this one product can replace most skincare products you own!

Are you ready to get the most out of your skincare routine? Read on for our top ways to use our Nourishing Face Oil.

Cleansing with our Nourishing Face Oil is gentle enough for sensitive skin yet powerful enough to remove dirt, bacteria, and buildup. For best results, apply oil on damp skin over your face and neck. Take a warm, wet washcloth and drape over the face until cooled. Lightly pass the washcloth over the skin, gently wiping away dirt, makeup, and excess oil.
Moisturizer: Apply 2-4 drops of oil on damp skin over your face and neck. Repeat every morning and evening or as often as needed.

Using a toner should be a staple in everyone's skincare routine, which is why we love using this oil. It does precisely what a toner should do and so much more. Toners help remove excess dirt, balancing the pH of your skin, and cleaning and closing pores. This face oil offers the astonishing benefits of a toner without the extra steps. For acne prone skin, the orange oil contains antibacterial properties for a little extra help in keeping your skin clean and healthy.

It's no surprise that face oil has become the new moisturizer, as more women are learning the benefits of natural oils over heavy creams. To hydrate skin, apply 2-4 drops of oil on your damp skin over your face and neck. Use morning and evening for quick hydration.

Irritated skin during and after shaving is the worse. For people with sensitive skin, our entirely organic face oil will make all the difference in your shaving routine. Unlike creams and gels that irritate the skin, face oil soothes the skin and helps your razor glide more easily to prevent chafing, razor burn and cuts. To shave using our oil, dampen the skin, apply the oil to the face and neck, shave, and rinse off. You can also use the oil as an aftershave to protect skin as the lemon oil has antiseptic properties. Reapply a few drops for a little extra hydration.

Serum & Eye Cream
You can now ditch all of those expensive serums with this one simple product. The orange oil is your new vitamin C serum for anti-aging and damage repair as it smoothes and brightens your complexion. If you struggle with puffy or dark circles under your eyes, this is the perfect alternative to your eye cream. The vitamin C produces collagen and soothes puffiness for a well-rested appearance. Since our face oil also contains almond oil, you can use it as a B7 (Biotin) serum. This vitamin is known to produce fatty acids to nourish the skin as well as assist in cell production for a clear and balanced appearance.

Breakout Treatment
Sometimes it seems as though a breakout comes out of nowhere. Whether you're feeling a breakout coming on from stress or a bug bite from your latest camping trip, this face oil soothes it all. The powerful antimicrobial properties of the lemon oil treat skin conditions, insect bites, acne breakouts, and more while the antioxidants heal damaged skin.

Tame Hair Flyaways
If your hair is frizzy and won't cooperate, take a few drops of oil, mix it in your hands, and lightly smooth it on to the ends of your hair or the problem areas. It will tame flyaways while giving your hair the nourishment it needs.



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