The Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Your Skin

Lavender has been rising in popularity in terms of skincare throughout the past few years and has also become vastly popular in other areas as well such as for use in food and drinks. With a strong scent of mint and rosemary, while still smelling sweet, it is a much-loved oil for many people.    

In Victorian days, women used lavender for perfume while today we use it most commonly to prevent headaches, reduce stress, and repel bugs.

What Is Lavender Oil?

Lavender is a beautiful purple plant that is often harvested from fields to make oil. The first step in making lavender oil is to tie the lavender in bunches and set it out to dry for a few weeks. After that, the plants are distilled using steam. This allows for the benefits of lavender to be enjoyed without the chemicals commonly used in extraction methods.

How Is Lavender Oil Good For Your Skin?

Lavender oil is used fairly often in skincare routines. It is known to boost anti-inflammatory properties while also soothing the skin. Below are the benefits of using lavender oil for your skin:

  1. Fights Acne

Acne is a pesky thing many people have to battle, and for those of you who do, you may be questioning how putting oil on your skin will help this since it usually has adverse effects. Acne is often caused because your skin lacks oil, so it overcompensates in forming oil. Using lavender oil on your skin can not only moisturize acne-prone skin but can also kill the bacteria that clog your pores.

  1. Soothes Eczema And Dry Skin

Dry patches caused by eczema and dry skin can be quite annoying, but lavender oil can give you some relief. Lavender oil allows for your skin to be balanced with the moisture barrier so that your skin is neither too oily nor too dry.

  1. Is An Anti-Inflammatory Substance

While lavender oil is often used to soothe and calm the mind, it also has the same effect on the skin. Lavender oil can help you to reduce redness, scarring, and patches. It is also great for sun-damaged skin or skin that is inflamed or irritated. You can even use it on bug bites!

  1. Detoxifies

Pouring some lavender oil in your bathtub may be the skincare you have been dreaming of. You can even get products such as bath salts or shower gels that have lavender oil infused in them. Through this, your skin will be detoxified of all the nasty stuff you don’t want around.

  1. Prevents Fine Lines

Lavender oil is a great anti-aging tool that will prevent your skin from looking old or tired. It can help to significantly reduce the sign of fine lines and wrinkles and make your skin smooth and clear. It can clear your skin of damage from the sun and pollution and will also give you a younger-looking complexion.

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