Skin Feel Dry After Every Shower? 4 Methods to Avoid Losing Moisture

Dry skin can affect anyone. While lotion may be a quick-fix, taking care of dry skin requires a skincare routine designed to protect and moisturize the skin. Read on for four ways anyone with dry skin can avoid losing moisture in the shower

Avoid Showering Too Often

Showering is an essential practice that can, unfortunately, worsen a dry skin condition. Over-showering strips the body of its natural oils, leaving the skin to dry out much faster than it should. This is why dermatologists often suggest that individuals with dry skin shower more infrequently. Though showering statistics may vary amongst different circles, healthcare experts often suggest that a shower twice a week is adequate.

Install A Water Softener

Anyone that is prone to dry skin should avoid using hard water to bathe, shower, or wash their hands or face. As hard water is high in minerals like magnesium and calcium, it tends to be rough on skin as it doesn’t effectively remove soap, face wash, or similar skincare products. This type of residue left on the skin can cause dry skin to worsen.

Water softeners are an easy solution to hard water issues. Once a plumber installs a water softener, the water will instantly be safer for the skin, making it easier for skincare products to soften and moisturize the skin instead of harming it.

Use Moisturizing Body Wash

As soap is meant to wash away excess oils from the skin, in its purest form, soap is designed to dry out the skin. This is why it’s essential to use a body wash created with moisturizing capabilities. Often infused with essential oils and creamy lotions, these moisturizers help to seal in moisture during the shower to prevent skin from drying out.

Keep The Temperature Low

Fans of hot water may not appreciate showering in cool or lukewarm temperatures, but this is ideal for dry skin. These less-than-hot showers are gentler on the skin as hot showers actively pull moisture away from the body. Keeping the water temperature lower in colder months is especially helpful as winter winds often exacerbate dry skin.

In addition to keeping the temperature low during a shower, people with dry skin should try to stick to colder water when washing their face or hands. This will help to tighten the skin and protect their pores from additional damage.

For dry skin, the shower can be a dangerous place. Be sure to follow these tips as you look for effective ways to keep your skin hydrated.

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