6 Unexpected Ways To Use Everyday Tooth Oil

Our Everyday Tooth Oil helps penetrate the gum line to kill bacteria, improve gum health, and polish teeth naturally. It's also our go-to for fresh breath as it's clinically proven to eliminate periodontal bacteria using only natural essential and botanical oils. Use it to fight cavities, plaque, and even gum disease.

Read on for our favorite ways for using Earth and Elm Tooth Oil.

Tooth Paste
What we love about this tooth oil is its ability to penetrate deep into gum tissue to kill periodontal bacteria yet gentle enough for everyday use. For best results, wet your toothbrush, add 1-5 drops onto the wet bristles, and gently brush gums. Your toothbrush should be at a 45-degree angle to your teeth, brushing in short and circular motions. Apply firm but light pressure, brushing every surface of the teeth and tongue. Use morning and night for a clean and fresh smile.

Gum Treatment
Gum disease can make even the brightest of smiles sensitive and swollen. To reverse gum disease, use our 3-Step Oral Hygiene System. First, brush morning and evening following our brushing instructions above. It's essential to gently sweep along the gum line to dislodge any foreign particles, bacteria, and plaque. Next, make sure to floss once a day. Finally, rinse and gargle morning and evening with about 1-2 drops of our Everyday Tooth Oil in an ounce of water.

Mouth Wash
Mouthwash is an excellent addition to your daily routine to help get rid of any pesky bacteria left behind. For a natural alternative, after brushing with the tooth oil, swish and gargle water for a few seconds the spit. To freshen up, add two drops of the tooth oil to a cup of water and swish for one minute. The peppermint and spearmint blend will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Cold Sore Prevention & Aid
Cold sores are often painful and unsightly. Luckily, two vitamins can provide aid to a cold sore as well as prevent future breakouts. Our tooth oil contains vitamin E from almond oil and vitamin C from peppermint oil. These vitamins are known to accelerate the healing process and prevent future breakouts. Use the same steps as a mouthwash to help further along the healing process.

Gum & Breath Spray
Did you just get back from lunch? Use Everyday Tooth Oil as your gum and breath spray. Add a few drops to water, swish, and go. It's the perfect on-the-go breath freshener and conveniently fits inside your purse.

Brain Booster
If you're struggling with brain fog or a lack of focus and creativity, the aroma of our tooth oil can help. The oil contains spearmint leaf oil and peppermint leaf oil, which are known to help with memory, focus, and concentration. Try it and see for yourself. Open the bottle, smell the aroma, and take a few deep breaths for an aromatherapy experience.



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