6 Unexpected Ways to Use Nourishing Body Oil

Conventional body creams and oils contain harmful toxic ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin and cause harm to the body's endocrine system. Swapping out the conventional with a natural alternative can provide your body with precisely what it needs to create glowing, supple skin. The Earth & Elm Body Oil works far better than traditional creams with nourishing ingredients your body will love. Filled with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, botanicals, and essential oils that hydrate the body, cleanse impurities and balance the skin for soft and silky skin.

To help you get the most benefit out of your body oil, here are our top ways to use Earth & Elm Body Oil.

This nutrient-rich body oil penetrates deep into the skin for maximum hydration. Apply the oil lightly and gently over your body. To get the abundant benefits of this luxurious oil, use it on damp skin or right after a warm shower. Use as often as needed to balance the skin and hydrate rough patches.

Shave Oil & Aftershave
Shaving can dry out the skin. Conventional shaving creams or gels often irritate and dry the skin further causing red bumps and knicks. To help your razor move smoothly across your body, use the body oil instead. The vitamins, botanicals, and essential oils help to nourish and hydrate the skin while the lemon oil has antimicrobial properties to help treat bumps and other skin conditions. Add a few drops as an aftershave to soothe and reduce irritation.

Breakout Treatment
Skin blemishes on the body can affect one's confidence and overall self-esteem. The natural ingredients in this body oil help to treat breakouts by removing buildup and bacteria in your pores for clean and healthy skin. The antimicrobial properties of the lemon oil help clear up insect bites, acne, and other skin conditions.

Bath & Massage Oil
Although people often assume oil clogs pores, it actually does the opposite. This body oil is derived from natural ingredients that work together to balance the skin, remove dirt, and neutralize bacteria. Add a few drops in your next bath for a rich hydrating effect. Made with lavender and frankincense essential oils, this body oil is also a great addition to a massage. A few drops goes a long way to nourish skin and help relieve stress.

Stretch Marks Oil
The almond oil in this body oil is lightweight and effortlessly penetrates the skin for a topical aid against stretch marks. Once the oil enters the skin, the oleic acid content makes it easy to transfer the fatty acids down to the dermis. The almond, lemon, and orange oil then work their magic from within the skin, creating a more supple appearance. Rub a few drops of body oil on the stretch marks to help minimize the appearance of scars.

Cuticle Oil
Almond oil contains an abundance of vitamin E, a nutrient that helps heal cuticles and nails over time. Rub the body oil on your cuticles to help nourish them and strengthen your nails.



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